Restaurant Lugar a la carte offers you a warm welcome. Here you and your guests can enjoy fine dining in an elegant atmosphere, where you can take pleasure in an unforgettable dining experience and chef Emidio and his staff will dazzle you with their Mediterranean style of cooking.


Oysters (6 pieces)

€ 18,00

with red wine vinaigrette

Duo of crab and scampi

€ 15,50

with orange, green asparagus and

crispy polenta

Atlantic cod rillette

€ 14,75

with oyster, scallop, cucumber, herring caviar and

horseradish foam

Teriyaki Bistro fillet

€ 14,75

with parsnip, shiitake and carrot Beurre Blanc  

Trio of ½ lobster

€ 21,50

salmon tataki and foie gras terrine with

beet structures

Classic steak tartare

€ 15,50

Goat cheese cannelloni

€ 12,25

with marinated vegetables and Aceto vinaigrette

Tasting menu “Lugar”

€ 19,00

a variety of small dishes


Lobster soup

€ 10,00

with crayfish and mango

Salsify soup

€  9,00

with a cream of yellow curry

In-between courses

Halibut fried in curry oil

€ 13,75

with octopus and a creamy shellfish sauce

Monkfish ravioli

€ 14,00

with celeriac and truffle foam

Fried foie gras

€ 16,50

with caramelized apple, sugar-loaf and aceto balsamico

Main courses - Fish

Prato do mar seafood Cataplana

€ 37,50 pp

(minimum order: two persons) Portuguese fish stew with lobster, scampi, scallop, mussels, oyster and giant prawn served with spaghettini aioli

Catch of the day

€ 25,75

Fried sole

€ 38,00

with homemade fries and remoulade


€ 27,50

with langoustine, roasted leek and a sauce of leek tops

Sea bass grilled in the Jospergrill

€ 26,00

with scampi, pesto risotto, tomato and lemon and thyme sauce    

Main course - Vegetarian

Mushroom risotto

€ 22,75

with burrata, lemon and basil oil

Main courses - Meat

Rack of veal

€ 27,00

marinated in La Trappe Tripel beer, with potato, lemon, mushrooms and La Trappe sauce

Anjou pigeon

€ 26,50

haunch ragu, artichoke, baked foie gras, pistachio

and a sauce of porcini


€ 29,50

with pulled beef, olives, bell pepper, couscous and sage gravy

Surprise menu’s

A supplementary amount of  € 4,50 p.p. applies if you prefer an extra in-between course over a sweet dessert.

A supplementary amount of € 4,75 p.p. applies if you prefer a cheese board over a sweet dessert.

3 courses

€ 39,75

5 courses

€ 54,50

4 courses

€ 48,50

6 courses

€ 61,00

Wine arrangements

Wine arrangement 3 courses

€ 19,50

Wine arrangement 5 courses

€ 32,50

Wine arrangement 4 courses

€ 26,00

Wine arrangement 6 courses

€ 39,00



€  9,50

with eggnog, chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream

Coffee Baileys panna cotta

€  9,25

with macadamia, coffee espuma and tiramisu ice cream

Grand Dessert Lugar

€ 13,50

Tarte tatin

€  9,50 p.p.

of caramelised pineapple with dulce de leche and Greek yogurt ice cream (minimum order: 2 persons)

Orange mousse

€  9,25

with madeleine, banana compote, lemon curd and lemon cookie merengue ice cream

Burgundy lifestyle cheese board

€ 15,50

Opening hours


Monday t/m Friday

from 12.00 uur


Monday t/m Friday

from 17.00 uur

Closed on Sundays

Except for

some holidays

Telephone number: 040 221 89 89